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EMS Acu-points Stimulator Massage Foot Mat

EMS Acu-points Stimulator Massage Foot Mat

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EMS Treatment : Reduces Fatigue & Improves Blood Circulation

Foot massage can reduces Fatigue & Improves Blood Circulation. Massaging feet also aimed at other parts of the body. Helps the muscles of the feet and calves, creating a variety of refreshing sensations, providing a massage-like feeling that can alleviate the pain after a day of fatigue.

What is EMS Technology?

Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS), as known as neuromuscular electric stimulation (NMES) is the elicitation of muscle contraction using electric impulses. The impulses mimic the action potential coming from the central nervous system, causing the muscles to contract. MS is proven to be quite effective as a proactive tool for muscle strengthening /relaxing.

Pulse Technology: Strengthened Muscle & Tightened the Skin

With the help of pulse technology, the EMS Acupoints Stimulator Massage Foot Mat is does not only works for releasing daily stress, but also improve physical health. The treatment works by sending electronic pulses to the muscle needing treatment, which causes the muscle to exercise passively. By using the foot mat, your muscle can be tightened, strengthened, while reducing the visibility of cellulites. Giving your legs a slim and toned shape.

What makes EMS Acupoints Stimulator Foot Massager Mat special:

  • Alleviate Veins Varicose
  • Anti Swelling
  • Reduces Muscle Tension and Strain
  • Improve Blood Circulation
  • Arthritis, Reduce Stiffness, and Lessen Needles Feeling
  • Relieves Plantar Fasciitis
  • Promote Fat Burning


It can fully balance the foot and heel, and relax the calf muscles and form the calf. Suitable for people whose legs, ankles, or feet are sore and achy from being on their feet a lot, helps relieve muscle pain.

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